Madhumitha From Jeans.

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  1. vivekfinearts

    vivekfinearts New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Here's a Song From Jeans (Madhumitha... Madhumitha...) Theme music.



    Comments please !!
  2. sandeepuae

    sandeepuae New Member

    very nice song.... need few corrections here and there but perfect tabs ... thanks a lot..
  3. sandeepuae

    sandeepuae New Member

    my bad im sry i didn't get the timing correct before. excellent tabs, thanks again....
  4. keyboardmaniac

    keyboardmaniac New Member

    hello everyone,
    Is it possible for anyone to give me the notes for this song (Jeans Theme Music 'Ne Sa Ree Sa') in either karnatic style or western style? I am sorry, but I am learning keyboard and I don't understand this format... I would be grateful if anyone could help me. Thanks in advance!
    Best Regards,
    A Keyboard Maniac
  5. samz

    samz New Member

    xcellent tabs dude., keep posting
  6. upreethi

    upreethi New Member

    Jeans theme Ni sa ri sa

    Ni sa ri sa ni sa ri sa ni sa ri ga ma ga ri pa

    dha pa ma pa ga sa dha pa ma ga sa sa ma pa ma ga sa ri

    pa ma ga sa ri ri sa ni sa

    Itz jus wat they sing in the song dude!!! :)
  7. upreethi

    upreethi New Member

    bcdc bcdc bcde fedg
    Agfge cagfec cfgfec d
    gfec d dcdc
  8. Karthicksid

    Karthicksid New Member

    Very good

    Excellent. Correct tabs.
  9. wovvic

    wovvic New Member

    super da,,,tabs absolutely fine.......
    need tabs for 7g theme and there r no posts of it in the igt****
    go 4 it ,,,be the first 1 to post it>>>>>>>>>thanx in advance
  10. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Good work. Keep it up and do send more such notes. Can anyone say the scale to be used for playing this song?
  11. aravind_pg

    aravind_pg New Member

    thanks dude!
  12. arun_tabing

    arun_tabing New Member

    super machi its working well
  13. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    Awesome vivek.. Lovely tune and sooper tabs.. can u pls post the complete tab which even comes after the tabbed section pls.... :)

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