Maana ho tum behad haseen : Yeshudas

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  1. VisOrchestraGrp

    VisOrchestraGrp New Member

    Singer - Yeshudas

    Hello guys this song sounds good on GUITAR I'm using lot of strings
    ( not frets i.e G |--0 , D |--0 etc.) to play that song easily however
    if you found it difficult to play please send me a PM & I will post verson using
    more frets .

    INTRO :-
    E |--------------------3-----------------------------
    B |-------------3--3-------3------------3------------
    G |--0-2-3-5-------------------5-3-5--------5-------

    G |--6-5-3-2--------0-------------------------------
    D |-------------3------------------------------------

    Maana ho tum behad haseen
    G |--0-3-2-------0-3-3-5----------------------------
    D |----------0---------------------------------------

    Aise bure hum bhi nahi
    B |------3-4----------------------------------------
    G |--5-------------2-2-3-2-3----2-5-3-2-0----------
    D |------------4-------------------------------------

    Dekho kabhi to pyar se darte ho kyun ikraar se
    E |--1-------------1---------------------------------------------------
    B |------4-3-3-3-------4-3-------3----------3-4-----------------------
    G |----------------------------5-------5--5---------2--2-2-3-2-3-------

    STANZA :-

    Tirchi nazar tikhi ada
    D |--3-3-0-------3--3-0--------4-------------
    A |-----------3-------------3------------------

    Lagte ho kyun bezaar se
    G |-------0-2-3-3------------2-0-0-----------
    D |--4--------------1--1-3--------------------

  2. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Indeed it is a good song .

    I will tell you how it sounds after playing it.
  3. Emperor

    Emperor New Member

    Sounds perfect............................
  4. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    hey Sir viso from where i can have this song? i mean moviee name and from where to download plz ?
  5. Mr_Perfect

    Mr_Perfect New Member

    Hey brother can u send me the chords..i really liked this song man..nice one !!

  6. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    I got these chords from IGT only. To me it sounds great..This is one of my fav songs to play on guitar..

    Gm Cm
    Maanaa Ho Tum, Behad Ha.Nsii.N
    D7 Gm
    Aise Bure, Ham Bhii Nahii.N
    A# Cm
    Dekho Kabhii To, Pyaar Se
    D7 Gm
    Darate Ho Kyuu.N, Iqaraar Se

    A# D
    Khulataa Nahii.N, Kuchh Dilarubaa
    D# Cm Gm
    Tum Hamase Khush Ho, Yaa Ho Khafaa
    A# D
    Tirachhii Nazar, Tiikhii Adaa
    D# Cm Gm
    Lagate Ho Kyuu.N, Bezaar Se

    A# Cm
    Dekho Kabhii To, Pyaar Se ...
    D7 Gm
    Darate Ho Kyuu.N, Iqaraar Se

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