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    looking at you for the first time,
    i thought i had found a friend.
    slowly it became a relationship,
    i never wanted it to end.

    best friends, thats what we called each other,
    and so we were so close.
    a tear in you eye was
    like a thorn in a rose.

    you lying beside me, so cute so innocent
    i wanted to share this with you,
    i always wanted to take care of you.

    and one day i gathered courage,
    and kissed you on your cheek,
    i thought to myself " what did you do you freak!".
    i thought i ruined something very special to me,
    i got all kind of tickles from head to knee.

    and then when my heart was thumping
    as if its gone wild,
    you kissed me back and smiled.

    we let our hearts melt,
    and thats when i felt,
    its like the fresh grass with the morning dew,
    i love you!I really do!

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    lovely poem....
  4. #iR@


    @ abhi... simply AWESOME!!! man u r new on igt but trust me I ALREADY LUV UR POEMS! :nw: made me smile man... keep riting! :beer:
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    :nw: :nw: :nw:
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    thanks sugata and thanks IR@...great to have people appreciate it..:-D..i m flying to india day after might not be able to post more..but then i dont write much ;-)...

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