Looking to jam on classic rock/blues in Bangalore

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    I have been learning guitar for the last 3-4 years and now moving from beginner to intermediate stage. I am bored of playing alone and feel that jamming with others would be fruitful, rewarding and fun for all parties, who knows it may eventually lead to a band formation but that is not my immediate goal. I dig classic rock blues sound - Led zeppelin, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Dire staits , Rainbow, Dio - that kind of thing though I realized plaing Black Sabbath rhythm riffs is not too difficult either. I have an acoustic Fender, a Fender american deluxe fat strat and a Line 6 Spider 3 amp. I play mainly rhythm and some leads but dont have the proficiency to pla fast currently.

    If you are a beginner/intermediate bass guitarists, another rhythm/lead guitarist, keyboard and drummer and like the above kind of music and would like practice some covers and jam in and around Outer ring road/Koramangala/HSR Laout/Whitefield area and like the music mentioned above, please let me know. I am 38 and have a full time marketing job but guitar is A VERY SERIOUS hobby for me.

    The idea of this post is to explore mature, like-minded people who have similar love of music and who would like to expand their boundaries and have fun through some practice sessions.

    Look forward to some responses


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