Lookin For A Band In Faridabad(n.c.r. Delhi)

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  1. koolstrum

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    HI Friends! I rarely start a thread coz later on it becomes a controversy. This time I dont plan to do so. So the real thing is... I am lookin for guys/accompanist (any instrument). in faridabad. Please if any one on IGT is from faridabad then do tell me. PLZ PLZ PLZ. Faridabadis come outta da darkk. Well there is a band called zeffer no separated it had great guitarist who never knew the theory but played like masters. Another one is a budding band called the Parakramm (BSAITM). yeah yeah the name is copied but its always a fight among the other bands from other Engg. institues like Lingya's or YMCA. So do u know any. are an accompanist.. post a comment bout urself.
  2. deathdr_87

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    wrong thread.. post in thebands and gigs forum...
  3. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    OK. thnx. i will

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