lobo: i'd love you to want me

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    can someone help me with the stumming pattern, and chk these chords i picked up from some site plzzz..

    When I saw you standing there
    I about fell off my chair
    When you moved your mouth to speak
    I felt the blood go to my feet

    Verse 2:

    Now it took time for me to know
    What you tried so not to show
    Something in my soul just cried
    I see the want in your blue eyes

    Chorus :
    G Am
    Baby, I'd love you to want me
    The way that I want you
    The way that it should be
    G Am
    Baby, you'd love me to want you
    The way that I want to
    D G
    If you'd only let it be

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    nice....lovely song and accurate chords.....reps for u
  3. rocking_devil

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    yea gud ones........
  4. akkyy21

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    ummmmmmmmmmm,... lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dude
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    Strumming pattern-->

    Its normal Down strokes to start off the song,.
    It has 8 down strokes for each chord and then
    when you change the chord for the next line
    it would go like

    prev chord next chord
    -D -U- D-

    so for first 8 lines

    OK,.. now the chorus thingie:

    Jam a lil bit wen u shift from verse:2 to chorus and then

    for each chord i prefer this strumming pattern


    Try this for all the chords then after.
    Sounds good to me.
    But again am no master in this stuff :eek:: , so lets see the reviews. :) :think:
  6. atulansaha

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    sounds fine but not correct as per lobo's version,ie, u can't play these chords along while he sings...instead try these
    Bb Cm E#, etc.... its posted in this forum itself...just scan a little bit...:)
  7. akkyy21

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    Hehehehehehe,.....zDUDEEEEE,.. these r universally accepted chords for this song and offcourse u can play the song on these man!!!
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  9. s_don

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    thanx a lot guys for the help...

    and subhro thanx for the reps

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    he he he :grin:
    da doc gav u reps.. u must thank da doc :)
    but wait.. i'll giv u sum reps too ..:) u don hav 2 thank me agn :p: its alrdy done :)
  11. harrie

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    can you suggest the strumming pattern

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