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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by manish_cool, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. manish_cool

    manish_cool mastibaaz

    Hi Friends,

    There Are A Lot Of Guys Who Are Doing What They Really Dont Want To Do.
    Look Me As An Example...i, Manish, Have A Lot Of Desires And Capabilities.

    -i Can Play Guitar Comfortably- Thats My Capability
    -i Want A Good Future In Music- Thats My Desires

    I Can't Fulfill My Desires Because I Can't Prove My Capability. I Have A Lot Of Responsibilities....my Parents Are Dependent On Me.

    I Know To Prove My Self I Have To Devot A Lot Of Time. The Struggle Today Have Changed. The Capability Alone Dosnt Work, You Must Have A Lot Of Money Or/and A Strong Background.

    I Have The Voice That Can Win Million Of Hearts
    I Can Play The Guitar That Can Tear The G**d Of Listners.

    But Like Million Of Guys The Truth Of Life Is ..... I Am Doing The -9 To 9- Job In A Company For My Family.

    I Had To Wait A Lot To Purchase An Electric Guitar And Learn Guitar On My Own...... Only I And God Knows How........

    This Is Not The Story Of Only Manish......there Are A Lot Of Guys Who Face The Same Story......

    Please Freinds Help Me
    What Should I Do?
    Should I Countinue The Same Life......
    Should I Change The Way Of Living Life And Try To Win My Sky Only Once.......

    Please Reply....and Help.......plz..plz..plz
  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Your responsibility, your decision.

    Good luck. I suspect you will need it.
  3. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    ur in a deadlock situation....

    honestly I cant advice u...u are the one to make a decision...
    balance the pros and cons and then do it

    All the best (as bjr said u'll need it)
  4. Varshita

    Varshita New Member

    Cant we... find a mid-way ... somehow??
    Do your job and still continue with zeal for your passion?
    So that ways ... all stakeholders are happy?
    I know someone who is doing that....Working and is still a part of a band
    and trust me... its not that you need to have a strong background.
    You need to have talent and i m sure it will be recognised.
    Good luck !!
  5. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    i really feel sorry to know about ur problem..indeed there r many musicians who have a great potential but dont get an opening or even if they can move towards that direction they are burdened and obstructed by other responsibilities..well i dont think u shud sacrifice or let go of either or these 2 things..coz if uL leave ur guitar and lead a family man/officr goer's life..one day uL surely get frustro or the discontentment would break u down

    not that u can abadon ur family and chase ur dreams...so u need to strike a balance between both of these things..but a hectic schedule of 9 to 9 is a tuff thing and in this bz schedule u cant take time out for guitar...

    do u want to become a commercial guitarist?..if yes then scope is lil bleak..u wud have to get into part time stuff maybe...put ur guitar on backburner for sumtime..and look for a job which is less tormenting and less hectic then this 9 to 9..maybe 9 to 5 job or one with 2 offs..like bpo jobs..u've to do a job just to support the family obligation..so search for such a job and then side by side..u can arrange for ur gigs

    i knw its all very tuff..but if u cant live without music..therez no other way out then to walk on this tuff road
    all the best!! and hope uL get outta this mess soon :)
  6. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    Ofcourse u shld not ignore ur resposibilities. Perhaps a change in job/lifestyle can help to an extent! Take time to plan a change wisely - dont despair. - See if you can find friends who share similar interests .. (so u dont have to spend all by urself;)) can also consider forming a band -- or look out for a chance to showcase ur talent wherever/whenever possible...

    All the Best !
    << & u posted this thread from office ha?? :) >>
  7. manish_cool

    manish_cool mastibaaz

    thanks leno, knight and all others i feel thats better to strike the balance between the two sides. i cant leave the music like this.

    thanks a lot ........:)
  8. manish_cool

    manish_cool mastibaaz

    ya sixstringsin
    you are right my boss is not in the office thats why i feel its good time to take advice from those who cares
  9. manish_cool

    manish_cool mastibaaz


    thanks any ways
  10. u no what? u cudve written all this in 1 post
  11. khuddusantana

    khuddusantana New Member

    dude jus hang in ther........dont give up on ur guitar take time out on ur weekends to practise ...

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