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    I will keep on adding the usefull posts by other ppl to make it easier to find.

    {Also, very Important, there are some things one should read which may not directly affect your playing but are really helpfull in development..}

    So here r some i remember rite now..

    Available from Light Without Heat way back in the early 80’s, these mini guitar lessons written by Steve Vai have been out of print for years, and original printings have become highly collectable among hardcore fans.

    Tempo Mental..

    He calls them Martian Love Secrets...Originally published in Guitar Player Magazine, February 1989 - August 1989.

    You should really have a look on this site if you haven't yet, some principles of guitar practising. Also be sure you don't miss the article on Repertoire.

    I've heard a lot about this site..

    some more ( added by manishgids )
    n dis one also has sound files

    ( added by hi_kiran )

    ( added by 6String_assasin)
    offers explanations of different types of strings - the string anatomy 101 -

    If you own a stratocaster - strat tips -


    Apart from these..
    there are some videos or video lessons highly recommended..

    John Petrucci's Rock Discpline 1,2,3,4.
    (You'll also find some usefull small clips on the site guitarprinciples)


    Some artists you should give a listen to if already haven't..
    (not in any order)

    Joe Satriani
    Steve Vai
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    John Petrucci
    Paul Gilbert
    (ppl will add more such artists...slash for one)
    Other artists others would add for classical n fingerpicking styles..



    Guitar Pro
    Chronotron (Plugin for winamp, you'll find this again on the site guitarprinciples i guess)


    Books: (oh, i forgot books was on the list ;) )

    Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer
    The entire series by Troy Stetina
    Guitar Principles by Jamey Andreas
    The AB guide to music theory by eric taylor (added by maverick8218 )


    And Of Course, This one link... ;)


    hope this was helpfull.

    usefull replies welcome.

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    hey really nice links 6 string and manish :)
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    @ 6string, why don't you simply edit your first post to include every new link as well... that would be good.
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    Here's a book that was really helpful to me. It's for people who want to know music theory.
    The AB guide to music theory by eric taylor.
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    gud idea :think: , done that..
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