Link Wray - Rumble - (Awesome Rock Instrumental) Cover

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    Tried to cover this song - Hope you like it, its an instrumental by the Legandary Link Wray (He was one of the influences of the Great Jimmy Page - as mentioned by Jimmy himself in the It Might Get Loud Movie) - For those who havent seen this movie (Documentary), its a musssttttttt watch.......

    A little Trivia about Link Wray - He invented the power chords :D, We should thank him for that, we wouldn't have come across Rock N Roll or Heavy Metal without Power Chords........RIP Link Wray

    I could not find a backing track of this song - So there is a guitar overlap - hope you can figure it out :D

    Link Wray - Rumble Guitar Cover by aryasridhar on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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