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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by nitish398, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    To all the music lovers,
    If ur based in north delhi and play any kind of instrument (intermeiate or advanced)..reply to this thread if u too wanna form a band.
    A good bassist and a vocalist would be fantastic.

    LAST_RESORT New Member

    Vocalist here B-) 19yr old, genre: prog rock, pop, country ,soul, indian , hit me up if u still need a vocalist
  3. romi1212

    romi1212 New Member

    guitarist rhythm and lead + vocalist
  4. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    were do u guys put up...?
  5. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    hey...give me ur contact no. romi 1212
  6. amanbatra1709

    amanbatra1709 New Member

    i need a bassist .. i already have a band . but we need bassist . do reply ..we are getting our songs recorded in a week or 2 .
  7. romi1212

    romi1212 New Member

    9313134296 where r u from in delhi
  8. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    pitampura.....wt bout u..?

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