Lesson - Nine Rhythm Drills

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  1. sandylawyer

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    learn to read music-Nine rhythm drills

    Just count loudly as you play alongwith the midi track.

    eg: 4th rhythm drill is a set of four sixteenth notes
    1-- One
    e-- ee
    +-- and
    a-- a

    Try to tap your left foot stictly on numbers i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4

    I hope everyone reading this is familiar with "time valus".
    more ecercises coming soon.

    Keep practicing

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  2. vini

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    but i doubt if everyone here knows how to read staff notation

    good one anyway...keep posting
  3. bjr

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    Nice excercise. I always tend to get confused about the 1 when I'm playing. I should probably be practicing a lot more of this.

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