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    This thread is meant for complete beginners who don't know how to tune their guitars....

    This is how you tune it...

    First technique (basic)
       [b] 0  1  2  3  4   5  6   7 [/b](fret numbers, 0 is open string)
        E  F  F# G  G#  A  A#  B 
        B  C  C# D  D#  E  F   F# 
        G  G# A  A# B   C  C#  D
        D  D# E  F  F#  G  G#  A
        A  A# B  C  C#  D  D#  E
        E  F  F# G  G#  A  A#  B
    That diagram shows the notes. As you can see, the open strings (numbered 0) are E, B, G, D, A, E. To tune the guitar, we first have to tune the high E string (the thinnest string). To do that by ear, you need experience. So, you better do that with some kind of tuner (analog or digital). Or you can also do that with some kind of tuning softwares available in internet. Now, after you have tuned the first string, you need to tune others with it. The second string is B string. See the frets diagram, you will see that the fifth fret of B string (2nd string) is E. So, in order to tune it, press the note and tune it with the first string. This method needs practise, so don't give up. There is a little funda of tuning. If those two notes are not tuned (but nearly tuned), you will not hear steady sound, it will vibrate (best noticed with electric guitars). When you hear that those two notes are vibrating with more speed, you will know that those two notes are getting close. After they are completely in tune, you will not hear any vibrating sound.

    This way, tune the other strings:-

    G string(third string) has B note (second open string is B note) in fret number 4...

    D string (fourth string) has G note in fret number 5....etc


    I will post the advanced tuning technique if i get enuff responce with this one...

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    Very nice tutorial.Reps.
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    superb..but i can't give reps right now i don't know how..soo just wishes..keep up the good work....

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