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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by d_ist_urb_ed, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Well, i came up with this idea during my exam today. Seemed a nice idea, so i'm starting it. This thread is dedicated to the Legendary guys and gals of IGT, who have influenced IGT in a major way, and whose influence remains evident irrespective of time. Please include the person's ID and a short note on why you think he is a legend, no spamming will be tolerated, spam will immediately be deleted(ah the joys of being a mod). For my Legend, i pick


    Do i even need to explain? He's our adminstrator and he's the single reason why this has all been possible. He converted a dream into reality, by taking the proper initiative and putting in the necessary hard work to make this possible. Calm, cool, wise beyond his age, and always ready to help out, he's the best admin we could ever hope to have. Always considering new ways to improve IGT, he makes every single day in IGT a great experience for all of us. For me that's the stuff legends are made of, and thus i justify my choice.
  2. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned


    For his sole ability to post countless number of posts...and still have the will to post more...also had a fair amt of technical knowledge though he used to show off and had a bigger mouth than me in the forums.
    i havent seen or heard him play..but he has helped me when i had a few gear probs..and yup half of the lessons on the guitar tutorials section is his..so all that definitely makes him a legend of IGT.
    raises a toast to jayanth...
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    I guess lord_neo wud be the default choice of each n every member of this site.. hats of 2 u. nyways since u hav been alrdy mentiond i wud like 2 mention some1 else.. n thts....


    For postin accurate chords of various songs and providin the audio guide which helps a lot too... the audio files are way too cool :rock: the best thing abt the chords he posts are tht most of them are not known by newbies like me.. so it helps a lot too 2 get 2 play more chords n develop the ear 4 such chords.. although i tend 2 diffr frm him on various isues :p: still.... lrnt quite a few things frm him... cheers 2 tht... :beer:

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine


    keep up the good work yaar
    each and every song's chords or tabs are excellent
  5. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(


    This guy has done some real good work !!!!!
    :nw: U rock dude !!.
  6. shak

    shak Harrr!

    i still consider myself to be a newbie, so i dont really know how many great IGTians we had in the past, i mean hotguy_me and omarboy are total strangers for me .. yet they have been voted the legends ... anyways ... if i ever vote i would have voted for d_ist_urb_ed and bandbaja
    dist for being an excellent mode...
    bandabaja for his excellent and in-depth knwoledge of MUSIC (not only guitars but actual music)
  7. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    OOPsie 4got 2 name Bandbaaja. u rock too dude. :rock:
  8. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

  9. ambuj

    ambuj Pro Tabber

    For me it has to be....


    The guy has posted correct chords for many songs, and the audios which he puts up are simply excellent, they have helped me a lot and are still helping many igtians.
  10. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings


    For his good guitaring knowledge and those awesome lyrics and poems that he's written . For his superior moderatorship. Most of all his poems . They are mindblowing . :nw:
  11. tejas

    tejas ..........


    Do I need to explain??? He single handedly takes care of every technical aspect of the site. This site wouldn't be alive without him. He is the greatest. Keep rocking Zoom.
  12. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    I could'nt Agree MORE. .. ZOOOM of course .
  13. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    For my next legend,

    One of the oldest members of IGT(not in terms of age Bobby, calm down:p:), he has been present for as long as i can remember. One of the more charming "sweethearts" of IGT, he has touched people's hearts and his influence permeates everywhere. Always doing whatever he can do, he has a history of helping newbies out by going out of his way. He has been a member of IGT through thick and thin, and what's more, today is his birthday:) I was honored to be made mod along with him, and for me, he deserves to be named as a Legend Of IGT. Keep rocking bobby:rock: And so i justify my choice.
  14. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    Everybody who shares a single line of information on this site...
  15. legends r never alone

    1st NEO coz he set up this marvellous site
    2nd zoomingrocket for moderating n also for making IGT more beautiful with new technologies n softwares n also nice smilies :hitme:
    3rd bob bobby as dist he's the one of the oldest one here ie in terms of join date not age :p: :beer: n also for being a good moderator with nice sense of humour :drunk:
    4th jayanth coz he has posted in so many tutorials which have helped me a lot :cen:

    hope we get more legends in the near future............. :think:
  16. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned


    the greatest legend of them all..
    took igt by storm with his immense wit and sarcasm...
    and changed the way igt members think..
    yes..hail dimebag_dimebag.
  17. tejas

    tejas ..........

    ^^LOL. That actually made me chuckle.
  18. aleric

    aleric New Member

    Bobby......The mod with an attitude. An IGT legend in true sense.
  19. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus New Member

    Bobby = Mod wid an attitude??? Didnt getcha there...

    Next legend = Death_Metal_Fan ...
  20. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    arnt you the alter-ego of (the now dead ;) ) dimebag_dimebag, and had come up with that other handle, cos your reps have all gone red, 'cos you tried to er. make a fast (rep) buck..... ? :think:
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