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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by ajaykalekar, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. ajaykalekar

    ajaykalekar New Member

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I was thinking that maybe i need to partner with someone and learn and practise...trying to learn alone sometimes gets you stuck..and u take more time to learn something or even know something.

    If anyone has the same thoughts please reply here.

    I am in Atlanta , Georgia , usa if anyone around alpharetta or in atlanta is interested please post here.

    My Skill level:

    Can do major minor chords...no bar chords.
    Can do a some power chords.

    Strumming is ok..not that good.

    Lead is also ok..i can not go too fast nor all over the fret board. small leads i can manage...:))

    My Gear:

    Guitars: Epi Les paul standard, Austin strat copy, mitchell acoustic guitar
    pedal: sabine overdrive
    amps: crate 15 and fender princeton dsp 65
    Demo version of revalver on my laptop.

    well the gear doesnot actually complement my playing..:) i am not good at it.

    Well that said.. i believe there are lots of people who are in the same boat as i am..:)

    Please post and lets see how we improve etc.


    AVBGUIT New Member

    Just bought a guitar...what next?


    I also live in Alpharetta. I just bought an electric guitar and have tried learning via CD, Video etc with no luck. Hard to find instrcutors in my area for weekends.

    All I need is to get started and I am sure group practice will make the rest perfect. I also know another friend in a similar situation.

    Would you be interested?

    - Ashok
  3. ajaykalekar

    ajaykalekar New Member

    Hi Ashok,

    I am ok with practising..we can group up and do that..let me know what gear u have and what is ur skill level ...also about ur friend.
    I stay in Amli at Windward. Let me know where in Alpharetta u stay.

  4. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    yeah..jamming with people helps.

    ive heard that doug marks..metal method guitar instructional series are good.


    it will be easier for u to order it too from the states.

    mind u ..i have no personal experience with these series..but ive heard its cool.

    cheers..btw..check the lessons out here too.
  5. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Check out Troy Stetina's series. It's awesome. I have whole bunch of books and primarily learnt guitar only from that. Check out www.stetina.com.
  6. hiwatt72

    hiwatt72 New Member

    I found the best way to learn was some pages of tab, and listening to the music over and over, trying to match what you hear to what your fingers do.
    Learn major and minor scales, esp. from the Segovia book, and the basic blues pentatonic scale. Play them A LOT, whenever you can. Practice with a metronome. You do this enough, your fingers will learn what they can and can't do. Then learn to slur (sliding between frets and hammer-on/pull offs) trills, vibrato, and bends. Learn to make chords all over the neck, using just 3 or 4 strings at a time. Play along to the music you like, learn the rhythm, play along over and over. It'll come. I believe everything you need to learn is within you, and you just have to drag it out by trial and error.

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