Learn guitar chennai -expert advise needed??

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  1. tj23

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    Hello guitar gurus,

    I am at level 0 when it comes to guitar but I've been in love with listening to rock music esp guitar for some time now and would really like to learn playing guitar.Could you guys suggest learning centres in Chennai that are good at teaching total noobs? I do see a lot of names coming up in the internet but thats left me totally confused..it would be great if you can share names/centres where you have actually experienced learning or know for sure that they are good.BTW I stay near Ramapuram but wouldn't mind travelling for classes.

    Adding my age - 25 (I hope I am not too old to learn:))
    Many Thanks,
  2. tj23

    tj23 New Member

    I thought this was an active forum..my bad!!
  3. rickkkyrich

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  4. tj23

    tj23 New Member

    Thanks rickkkyrich for the response.Yes, I did go through these posts before posting and that left me confused.There are a lot of individual trainers and centres listed, some seem like self marketing. So wanted an opinion on the tried and tested ones.Right now, I am thinking of two options - The unwind centre and the maximum overdrive.Please do let me know if you have any info on these, or suggest any better centres that you are aware of..

    Thanks again.
  5. rickkkyrich

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    Since I don't put up in Chennai I can't be of much help...
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    Hello friends,

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