Leads of Papa Kehate hain

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  1. Neha2908

    Neha2908 New Member

    Hi All,

    Am a beginner in learning guitar,can any of you educate me on the leads of Papa Kehate Hain.
  2. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi


    u r a beginner! so better try chords! dont go for leads! chords are C major and related, like F, G ...
  3. ashu_ghike

    ashu_ghike New Member

    u can also try with this chords in a cyclic manner
    that s
    G Bm C D
    and struming is dduud
    d stands for down and u for up
  4. amogh_war

    amogh_war New Member

    i think C Am F G throughout the song should do the trick.
  5. culsk07

    culsk07 New Member

    hi. can ny1 pls tell me what will be the strumming pattern for papa kehte hain using c am f
  6. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    hey just listen to that song for whole day... widout listening to anything else... u would come to know how to catch the strumming....

    Also chords for Papa kehte hai is C Am F and G...

    I guess accurate chord position is posted by some guy long year back... his username is Rohan (I guess...Not sure)

    I have uploaded this song, covered by me n my pals...

    you can listen to it and try.. its pure acoustic with flute added... (not sure abt flute cos i dnt remember which sng i uploaded...)`

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