Kyon chalti hai pawan - Kaho Na Pyar Hai

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  1. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    Intro:- G D G D

    G D G D
    Kyon chalti hai pawan, kyon jhoome hai gagan

    G D C D G
    kyon machalta hai mann... (pause), na tum jano na hum

    G D G D
    kyon aati hai bahar, kyon lootta hai karar

    G D C D G
    kyon hota hai pyar.. (pause), na tum jano na hum

    G G D
    ye madhoshiyan ye tanahayian tassaur mein hai

    G D
    kiski parchhayian hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm h

    G G D
    ye bhiga samaa umange jawaan mujhe ishq

    le ja raha hai kahan... (pause)

    G D G D
    kyon gum hai har disha, kyon hota hai nashaa

    G D C D G
    kyon ata hai mazaa... (pause), na tum jano na hum (repeat twice)
  2. djoshi_2003

    djoshi_2003 New Member

    dude can you please give me the tabs for the intro music of this song please. i dont want the chords.thanx in advance.
  3. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    Nice chords but I dont know when to play them.
  4. mahesh aniya's

    mahesh aniya's New Member

    r u sure with this thread that all the thread u shown here r absolutly rigth
  5. heyjoe12

    heyjoe12 New Member

    Not sure

    Sorry but dont think these chords are accurate. For a start Am seems to be a better fit than D...

    anybody else with another version of the song?
  6. sjpads

    sjpads New Member

    i feel it'll b better if u play
    G----Am----C----D n so on
  7. coolwade

    coolwade New Member

    Try with Esus, C#m, D

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