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    Hi guyz, I wanna share new Noori new song with all of U. I can't Xpresss how awsome the track is..!! If you're a Pakistani then U must've seen the VDO on TV. Isn't it great? If you're an Indian then give me some time to find the link for their VDO. But. whoever U're U can enjoy the brilliant stuff by downloading the song from the link provided below.

    Right-click here and then click Save Target As...

    Do tell me what do U think about it?
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    U know, I hate such things. A riff in 'Kuttay' was choried from a gora band Guns'n'Roses. The nice ppl at City FM 89 Karachi were kind enough to play both clips on-air one after the other for my spontaneous listening pleasure. They were freakily similar. In Saudi Arabia the punishment of stealing is cutting of a hand. Ali Noor should be thankful to God that he's in Pakistan.
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    well i heard this as well abt copiying the song...by the way which song was it ..???

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