kotoi rongo dekhi duniya

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  1. ssrock

    ssrock New Member

    kao ki amake kotoi rongo dekhi duniya
    ganer chords and lyrics ta pathabe..

    tara tari pathale khub valo hoi..
    amer ekta program ache...

    Thanks In advance.
  2. finding tunes

    finding tunes New Member

    Ami Katoi Rango Dekhi Duniai

    Try with Em and Am

    i think so...try it..then plzz reply
  3. finding tunes

    finding tunes New Member

    hey plzz reply ...i am wating eagerly
  4. ssrock

    ssrock New Member

    I Think It will be Em and A Major..
  5. banerjeerahulde

    banerjeerahulde New Member

    All those songs Sang by Rupam solo in accoustic
    mainly in Chords- Em, G, A, D, Am etc. So keep trying with these chords.

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