Kiska Rasta Dekhe E Dil E Saudaai

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  1. lethal_sagitari

    lethal_sagitari New Member

    HI FRENDS , here is a gr8 song by kishor daa
    G D G C
    kis kaa rastaa dekhe, ai dil, ai saudaa_ii
    G D G C
    miilo.n hai khaamoshii, baraso.n hai tanahaa_ii

    bhuulii duniyaa, kabhii kii, tujhe bhii mujhe bhii
    D G
    phir kyo.n aa.Nkh bhar aa_ii

    G D G C
    o, kis kaa rastaa dekhe ...

    G D
    koii bhii saayaa nahii.n raaho.n me.n

    G D
    koii bhii aaegaa na baaho.n me.n
    C D G
    tere li_e mere li_e koii nahii.n rone vaalaa ho
    G D
    jhuuTaa bhii naataa nahii.n chaaho.n me.n
    G D
    tuu hii kyo.n Duubaa rahe aaho.n me.n
    C D
    koii kisii mare, aisaa nahii.n hone vaalaa
    D G D G C G
    koii nahii.n jo yuu.N hii jahaa.N me.n, baa.NTe tiir paraa_ii
  2. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    ^^ good song and good chords too.. but plz maintain the chord timings when u post it.. anyway .. good work
  3. deb7sk

    deb7sk New Member

    Direct Copy-Mods please Take Action!!


    this chord is a copy paste of the chords of the same song poster on 4/28/2005 by lalbamboo!! This is totally unacceptable!!!
    The person (lethal_sagitari) who posted (or should I say reposted?) this song did not even care to look for the flaws that were there in the chords posted earlier by lalbamboo. I also remember that we had come to an understanding that when we use parts or whole of an earlier post in our post, we should acknowledge that and the person whose post we are using. This is nothing but showing the minimum respect towards your fellow IGT member who has worked hard to post the chords of the song.
    Some salient features of this repost:
    1. lalbamboo did not post any chords for the line "bhuli duniya, kabhi bhi...." and sure enough lethal_sagitari also did not have any chords for that line.
    2. lalbamboo misspelt "kabhi bhi" as "kabhi kii". The same error can be seen in lethal_sagitari's post.
    3. In the antara, lalbamboo had spelled "tere liye mere liye" as "tere li_e mere li_e". The same spelling (or spelling error) exists in this post as well.
    4. lalbamboo's post did not have any timing for the chords and nor did lethal_sagitari's post.
    I think that these are enough number of similarities to consider this song as a repost. Mods, please take a note of this. We at IGT try to help each other by working on chords/tabs of songs. I do not think that plagiarism is acceptable out here. lethal_sagitari, the least you could have done was to acknowledge lalbamboo (unless you are lalbamboo him/her-self using a different login id, and in that case you could have mentioned that).

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