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    On the Earth children with unusual abilities are born. To what it?
    For the first time I have heard about the unusual boy by name Бориска from stories of participants of expedition(dispatch) to an abnormal zone in the north of the Volgograd area, known in our country as " Медведицкая a ridge "...

    - You imagine, when all sat in the evening at a fire, such малец, years seven, suddenly has loudly and exactingly asked silence: it(he) will tell about inhabitants of Mars and about their flights to the Earth, - one of witnesses shared the impressions. - Well, someone nevertheless continued to talk in a low voice about the and then the boy has strictly demanded full attention, differently " no story will exist ". And extraneous conversations have abated. And was why: the full-faced little boy with the enormous eyes, in years(summer) футболке and кепочке with valiant козырьком, at all being confused *****s, has led the story about improbable. About a martian civilization, about cities - мегалитах and spacecrafts of martians, about flights on other planets, and about the terrestrial country Lemurii which life it(he) knew not by hearsay: itself once arrived(flied) from Mars on huge continent at ocean and had here friends …

    Crackled сучья a fire, the night gloom was condensed around of sitting, and the bottomless star sky above them kept silence, as if stored(kept) any great secret. One and a half hour there was a surprising narration. One of students has guessed - has run behind a dictophone, and now somewhere in Moscow there is a full record of that story. Whether it(he) however will appear in a seal - the God a message: not everyone possess journalistic skills …

    Many then were struck with two things. First, unusual knowledge which like the seven-year child should not possess: each our professor of a history far from being can distinctly tell about legendary Лемурии and лемурийцах. In school, and high school textbooks you will not find a mention of them. The science yet has not proved existence of other civilizations. And, second, speech Бориски … she(It) was at all a level первоклашек: here there was such terminology, such details and the facts from the martian and terrestrial past, that all only marvelled. Very competent, collapsible speech, and only raised(increased) эмоциональность gave out in it(her) the child.

    - Why Бориска so has got into conversation? - my interlocutor has assumed. - Apparently, it(him) conditions in forwarding camp has provoked to it. The keen people open by soul, aspiring to a solution of many secrets of the Earth and space, and Boris here have gathered, having had heard plenty for day of conversations, has splashed out in the "спиче" that was long stored(kept) unclaimed in his(its) memory.

    - Can, it(he) dreamt? Has seen enough films about everyones " star wars " and has gone to compose?..

    - Well is not present … Here not imaginations smells, - my comrade, - here, more likely, memory of the past, memory of his(its) former embodiments has objected. Such details you will not think up, they should be known …

    Words about memory of the last embodiments have solved all: I have understood, that with Бориской it is necessary to get acquainted. Now, after a meeting with it(him) and his(its) parents, I try to classify the received data, to understand a riddle of a birth of this young essence.

    It is curious, that it(he) was born in the city of Volzhsk, in a regional maternity home though in metricss, in the column "birthplace" appears Жирновск the Volgograd area - in a place of a registration. Date of a birth - on January, 11, 1996 - can, she(it) something will tell to astrologists.

    His(Its) parents - nice(famous) and benevolent people. The hope, Boris's mum, the doctor - дерматолог in a city polyclinic, has ended the Volgograd medical institute not so long ago, in 1991. Father, Jury, the officer in resignation, in due time has ended Камышинское the maximum(supreme) military school, now трудится the construction superintendent on construction. They and are glad that someone has helped them with a solution of a phenomenon of their son for now with curiosity look narrowly at the miracle.

    - When was born Бориска, I have paid attention, that in 15 days it(he) already held the head, - the Hope recollects. - it(he) has made the First word "woman" in 4 months and since then, it is possible to tell, has started talking. It(he) has made the first offer in 7 months, it were words " I want carnations ": has seen carnations in a wall though to speak offers children start much later. - his(its) mental abilities much more outstripped the most appreciable physical.

    - And in what it was expressed?

    - When to Boris was годик, I began to give it(him) the letter on system Nikitinyh, and, present, in one and a half year it(he) already read a large newspaper font. Has easily and quickly learnt colors with various shades. In two years began to draw, in 2,5 years - paints. Could draw with shades.

    Boris have led in садик after two years. Tutors unanimously began to speak, that at him(it) ability to languages, unusual development of a brain. Unique mastering new, the richest memory … However parents have noticed, that updating of knowledge at the little son occurs not only through perception(recognition) surrounding, but, similar, and through other channels: it(he) read out the information whence from the outside!

    - Anybody did not learn(teach) it(him), - recollects Надя, - but it(he) easily and somehow habitually sat down in a pose of "lotus", and here to it(him) only listen! Such "pearls" gave out, such details about Mars, about planetary systems, other civilizations, what at us eyes on a forehead climbed … Well whence дите all this knows?.. Space, space plots in his(its) stories - constant motives approximately since two years.

    Then Бориска has told, that earlier it(he) lived on Mars, that the planet is manned, but has gone through the accident largest in the history, has lost an atmosphere, and now its(her) not numerous inhabitants live in underground cities. At that time it(he) quite often flied to the Earth in the trading and research purposes. Similar, it(he) operated a spacecraft. It was in days of a civilization лемурийцев, and at him(it) the friend лемуриец which was lost on his(its) eyes was...

    - There was an accident on the Earth, mountains blew up, the huge continent fell and left under water, and suddenly a huge stone has fallen to a construction where my friend … was - told Бориска. - I have not had time to rescue it(him). And now on the Earth we should meet …

    Picture of destruction Лемурии Бориска sees, as if she(it) has taken place on the eve, and experiences death of the earthman as if itself it is guilty in it(her).

    Once it(he) has seen the book which was brought by mum: " From whom we have taken place? " Ernest Muldasheva. It was necessary to see, to what excitation there has come the boy. It(he) examined figures лемурийцев, photos of pagodas of Tibet and two hours is unceasing told about лемурийской race and the highest level of its(her) development …

    - But in fact Лемурия was lost a minimum eight hundred thousand years ago … - I have told cautiously, - and лемурийцы were growth under nine meters … Really you all this remember?

    - Yes, I remember, - Boris has answered, and has reasonably added: - in fact to me anybody did not tell it …
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    Another time it(he) has begun to recollect much when has seen illustrations in E.Muldasheva's second book, " In searches of city of gods ". About tombs, about pyramids. Has told, what not under pyramid Хеопса will be found knowledge, and under another. But her(it) yet have not found. " The life will change, when will open a sphynx ", - it(he) has told and has added, that the sphynx opens somewhere behind an ear, but it(he) does not remember, where exactly. Is keen tells, when there comes inspiration, about a civilization майя, considering, that people know about this surprising people a little.

    But the most amazing: Бориска considers, that now on the Earth there has come(stepped) time when especial children because transformation of a planet comes are born, and new knowledge, other mentality of earthmen will be necessary.

    - Whence you know about gifted children and why it occurs? - I have asked at our meeting. - you know, what they are named by children "индиго"?

    - I know, that they are born, but in our city did not meet. Well, can, Julja Petrov - she(it) trusts me, means, something feels. Others are only dared, when I tell. On the Earth something will occur, two accidents, therefore are born such children. They should help people. There will be a change of poles. In 2009 there will be a first large accident with one big continent, and in 2013 - another, more powerful.

    - You are not afraid of it, in fact can interrupt and your life?

    - No, I am not afraid, we live eternally. Accident was and on Mars, where I before veins. There same people as we, but there was a nuclear war, and all has burned down. Some people have survived, the houses, the new weapon have appeared. There too there was a change of continents. Though the continent was small. Martians breathe basically carbonic gas. If they would arrive(fly) on our planet always would stand at a chimney.

    - And you if you from Mars, are more easy breathed by our air or there is a necessity in carbonic?
    - Time you has got in this terrestrial body you breathe this air. But we hate terrestrial air because from your air there is an ageing. There, on Mars, people basically young, years till 30-35, old do not happen. Every year of such children, from Mars, on the Earth all will be born more. In our city of them there will be not less than twenty.

    - Boris and why our space stations perish at approach to Mars?

    - From Mars send signals, and station try to bring down. At these stations harmful radiations.

    I was struck начет harmful radiations "Фобосов". It so! In 1988 inhabitant Volga Jury Lushnichenko, the person with экстрасенсорными inclinations, tried to leave on Главкосмос the USSR to warn the Soviet heads about inevitable destruction of first Soviet space stations " Fobos - 1 " and "Fobos - 2". And because of radiations alien to a planet and a radio-activity of power units. To his(its) preventions(warnings) have not heeded. Do not consider it necessary to penetrate till now though for success it is necessary, by words Лушниченко, only to change tactics of ocurrence in a field of Mars.

    - And you know about multidimensionality? You know what to fly it is necessary not on direct trajectories, and penetrating multivariate space? - I cautiously am interested completely несусветным from the point of view of an orthodox science.

    Бориска has there and then quickened and began to explain roughly something about the device of UFO: " Only have flied up, as we already at the Earth! " And then takes swept and on a slate board draws something тарелкообразное. " There six layers, - горячится it(he). - 25 percent(interests) the external layer from a strong material borrows(occupies), 30 percent(interests) - the second layer, it(he) as rubber, the third layer - 30 % - again metal, 4 % borrows(occupies) a layer with magnetic properties … - there and then writes мелом figures on a board. - If запитать a magnetic layer energy devices can fly on all universe … "

    We, *****s, exchange glances. In the third class study percent(interests)?

    No, certainly, up to such at school have not reached, but, it appears, with school at Бориски the big complexities. It(him) after interview have accepted at once in the second class, but … have then tried to get rid. And to whom, tell, it is pleasant, if the kid suddenly interrupts the teacher: " Марьванна, you incorrectly speak! You incorrectly learn(teach)! " And so помногу time for a day … Now with Бориской is engaged the teacher teaching at school of academician Schetinin, and the boy will challenge a course of subjects. The teacher considers, that Boris should study in щетининской in school for gifted children. At him(it) will be, and already is, problems in dialogue with usual children.

    - What at Бориски mission on the Earth? It(he) knows it? - I ask also it(him), and mum.

    - It(He) has told, that guesses, - the Hope speaks. - About the future of the Earth something knows. For example, that knowledge will be distributed(allocated) on quality and levels of consciousness. New knowledge never will get to vicious people with low customs - to thieves, gangsters, alcoholics, and also to those who does not wish to change itself in the best party(side). They will leave from a planet. Considers, that the major role will be played with the information. On the Earth process of a unification and cooperation will begin.

    - Boris, whence you know all this?

    - Inside itself.

    … Once, years in five, it(he) has struck parents with that began to tell about Прозерпине, to a planet, lost hundred thousand, and can, and millions years ago. And this word Прозерпина is told by him(it), instead of heard somewhere because parents hardly probable not for the first time have heard from him(it) about such planet. " She(It) was cut with a beam, and she(it) has broken up to pieces, - told Бориска. - Physically the planet has ceased to exist, but its(her) inhabitants телепортировались in the fifth measurement which you name the parallel world. We observed destruction of a planet from Mars … " - it(he) has explained. And here it(he) has told improbable … it(He) has told, that the Earth as an alive reasonable essence began to accept children Прозерпины on education, therefore, say, here those who can remember the native planet sometimes are born and count itself aliens!..

    But in fact this phenomenon have already noticed in the scientific world, and I have got acquainted with Валентиной-Кайной which not only remembers about Прозерпине, but in dreams sometimes visits(attends) the compatriots. And suddenly both of them appeared in one city, together visit(attend) Dark blue mountain in an abnormal zone …

    And here that was kept in records of mum of Boris, Hope: " you are forerunners. You have cleared away for us a platform. In the maximum(supreme) spheres of you count heroes. On your share the heaviest has got. I have come to New Time. It was already allocated голограммным with a code and imposed on space. All оживет on new fire of idea, very fast, very fast … Transition from one world in another is carried out through a substance Time. I have brought New Time. I have brought the New Information … "

    - Boris, tell, and people why are ill(sick)?

    - From that incorrectly live and you are not able be happy … should wait space половинки, not taking root in another's destinies, not breaking and not destroying integrity, not suffering from the perfect mistakes and to incorporate c named, finishing(stopping) cycles of development and to go further to new heights, - such words it(he) spoke. - you should become intimate. If you will beat, you approach and embrace. If will offend, do not wait for apologies, and rise on knees and ask a pardon for offenders. If will offend and humiliate, tell him(it) thanks for it and smile. If will hate, grow fond their such what they are. Here these attitudes(relations) of love, humility and a pardon the main thing for people. Know, why лемурийцы were lost? I too a little in it am guilty. They have not wished to develop further spiritually, have deviated in a way, destroying it integrity of a planet. The way of Magic conducts in impasse. The true Magic is a Love …

    - Whence you know these words: "integrity", "cycles", "space", "magic", "лемурийцы"?..

    - I know … Кэйлис...

    - What it you have told?

    - I have told: I welcome you! It is language of my planet …

    sounds hard to believe but its true!i saw it elsewhere too! :think:
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    ^^^ i dont have the patience to read .....must be something nice it later when i have patience
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    same for me......:) it later..;)
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    its good article!but is a yr old!sounds fiction but is true!im sorry for some symbolic lag in middle middle due to improper translation!

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine

    dont wanna read
    too long
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    guess the martians know russian pretty well ...

    anyway this chap is surely inspired by the Star Wars ... coz he speaks like YODA ...
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    its a really bad trasnaltion - i can barely make any sense out of it and i refuse to read the whole thing - too incomprehensible
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    yeah i know it!but thats all i cud do<i in a sense translation site>
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    it was a nice "story" but has it any thing to do with reality??? :cool:
    ANSWER MUST BE----->>>>>>>> nooooo no no n no noooooo

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