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  1. bhajohari

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    hi bondhura...sabai bhalo to? amar duto proshno achhe. ami natun guitar sikhchhi...nije nijei...question gulo hochhe:

    1. chords byaparta ki mota moti bujhi. tab jinista ki?

    2. aar anekei dekhechhi niche deo ei dharaner rahasyamoy sanket byabohar kore. egulo ki? chhota (6) string bujhte parchhi.... kintu number gulo ki?

  2. zhahme00

    zhahme00 New Member

    that lil structure you see right there is the tab. the letters in front of the lines indicate the tuning.. so in that tab, standard tuning (EADGBe) was used. the numbers indicate fret position on the strings. so here, you would hold down on the 9th fret of the 3rd string( 3rd from the bottom.. i.e the G string).. pluck it twice, then hold down on the 10th fret of the save string.. pluck it once.. then hold down the 8th fret of the 2nd string( 2nd from bottom ).. etc...

    thats called tabbing. solos are written in this form most of the time if musical scores are not being used..

    hope that helped.

    for more clarification:

    1st string e----------------
    2nd string B----------8------
    3rd string G--9-9-10---10-9-
    4th string D----------------
    5th string A----------------
    6th string E----------------

    1st string = thinnest string
    6th = fattest..
  3. bhajohari

    bhajohari New Member

    Dear zhahme00, thank you very much. the picture has become quite clear. by the way what is 'zhahme'? this sounds very musical.

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