KHGN - Piyar Mat kerna

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  1. hehaa

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    KHGN - Piyar Main Soo Uljhanain Hain

    Hala Lue Yaa! to all guitarist
    i thought u all might have heard the song of Kun Ho Gaya Na - Piyar Mat kerna

    any one can tell me the tabs of that songs, coz i have tried a bit on it, and its sounds really great. if any1 else has done that then do share that with al of us.

    Remember : Kyun Ho Gaya Ba - Piyar Main Soo Uljhanain Hain
  2. hehaa

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    Ha come on all u guitarist wats wrong with u, havent u heard that song or u r unable ot tab it. plz some1 got any copy of that song share it with all of us, coz 1 know 1 thing that song really rocks................
  3. nitinsw

    nitinsw the unforgiven

    first tell what u have got... ;)

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