"khawab jo" chords (london dreams)

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    "khwab jo" chords (london dreams)

    hii guys
    this is my first post on the site and also my first chords
    song is "khwab jo" from the upcoming movie london dreams
    very nice and inspiring song

    music-Shankar Ehsaan loy
    lyrics-Prasoon Joshi
    singsers-Shankar mahadevan and Rahat fateh ali khan

    chords used

    Cadd9 (032033)

    now here we have to play Em and Cadd9
    strumming pattern----2 down strokes on Em then 3 down strokes on Cadd9

    its like D DD DD (note the gaps) (on Em first stroke is on 2nd fret 4th string.its accurate actually)

    Em Cadd9
    Jo tujhe jagaaye
    Em Cadd9
    Neendein teri udaaye
    ..........Em Cadd9
    Khwab hai
    ............Em Cadd9
    Saccha wahi

    Needon main jo aaye
    Jise tu bhool jaye
    Khwab woh
    Sachha nahin

    (here strumming pattern changes its-DDD UUU D)

    Cadd9 Dsus2 Cmaj
    Khwab ko raag de
    Cadd9 Dsus2 Cmaj
    Neend ko aag de

    and all the same............
    Angaron ko jagaaye
    (Angaron ko jagaaye)
    Koyalon sa je gaaye
    Khwab hai
    (Khwab hai)
    Sachha wahi

    Lehrein jo uthaye
    (Lehrein jo uthaye)
    Paaniyon ke hilaye
    Khwab hai
    (khwab hai)
    Sachha wahi

    Khwab ko raag de
    (Raag de)
    Neend ko aag de
    (Aag de)

    if dere is any mistake sorry for that
    comments and corrections are most welcome
    thank you..........
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    hi hello1

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