Kasto Mazaa (Parineeta) - Intro, Chords, Interlude

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    Hey everyone ... I was away from this site for a while as I had exams, but am

    now back! ;)

    Here's presenting a lovely song from a lovely movie ... please go and watch the

    movie if you haven't :aggre: ... and enjoy the song :beer:


    Chords used:

    F = 133211
    Bb = 113331
    Bb* = 688766
    C = 335553
    Dm = 557765
    Gm = 355333


    (Train sounds) Then the guitar softly plays:

    --------1----------------1------------------1------- E
    ------1-----------------1-----------------1--------- B
    -2-3------2-3----2-3------2-3----2-3------2-3- G

    Then the above piece continues playing *really* softly while the children begin

    singing ...

    [F]Kasto mazaa hai [Bb] re lai[F]ma , [F] ramailo ukaali [Bb] o ra[F]ali X 2

    [F] Yeh hawaein [Bb] gungunaaye, pooche tu hai [C] kahan

    [F] Tu hai phoolon mein, [Bb] kali[F]yon mein
    [F] Ya mere khwaabon ki [Bb] gali[F]yon mein


    -----------3-5-6-5--------------------------- E
    ---6--5-6-----------6------------------------ B
    -5----------------------7-5--3-2-0-2-3-5-- G

    [F] Dharti saji, [F] ambar sajaa, jaise [Bb] koi ... sa[F]pna
    [F] Is mein ho ghar, [F] o humsafar, tera [Bb] mera ... ap[F]na

    [Bb*] Soona tere [Dm] bina, [Gm] khwaabon ka yeh [Dm] makaam
    Aa bhi [Bb] jaao, aao [F] na ...

    Kasto mazaa repeats ...
    Yeh hawaein repeats ...
    Then the Shreya Ghosal takes over ... rest of the song is a repetition of the above chords

    The second interlude is identical apart from the fact that it is actually an entire octave higher, but since it's exactly one octave higher, it sounds perfect even if it's played the same way as the first one.

    The song fades away with this tiny riff played twice

    -----3-1- E
    ---1----- B
    -2------- G

    Waiting for bouquets or brickbats ... positive reps or negative ones ... anything, but something :p:
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  2. vini

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    oh...no commendations for u yet?!!..anyways a cute song that 1..ur tabs+chords r gud enuf..reps! :)

  3. aysh

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    nice one nikamma bro !
  4. faiqgiant

    faiqgiant .: Innocent :.

    yup i agree dat ur talent is good enough
  5. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    good chords...
  6. shadowcaster

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    Yeah, Its good effort.
  7. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    U say youre self Nikamma??
    dont mind but i am late!
  8. vini

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    ^ yes..very late

    btw...i used play this song in E-A-B only and only these 3 chords..when i was a newbie..so all newbies can try these chords too

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