Karz ek hasina thi chords

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  1. aniketoak

    aniketoak New Member

    I started learning chords recently and i want chords of Karz theme (ek hasina thi). I have found everywhere leads of that song. can any 1 giv me chords with strumming pattern if possible?
  2. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    Very easy:

    Open your browser (assuming it is).
    Go to google
    type is " Karz ek hasina thi chords"
    Hit enter
    look through the results
    Go to the one you feel comfortable with

    and presto!
  3. ilu.abhay

    ilu.abhay New Member

    Hiiii, I too need the same !!

    Can I too get a copy of karz notes please.....

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