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  1. sudhirbp

    sudhirbp New Member

    Can any one please prvoide with tabs for kannada songs. I am a newbie to guitar and keen play a few kannada songs.

    Thanks to all in advance.
  2. Vijeyez

    Vijeyez New Member

    I have posted few, go and type kannada in search..!
  3. portlandbhats

    portlandbhats New Member

    Iam also looking for kannada please can u provide me,thanx
  4. sharath kumar

    sharath kumar Guitarist

  5. sudhirbp

    sudhirbp New Member

  6. pramod

    pramod New Member

    I play guitar as a hobby.. lazy to draw the chords for the song "Jotheyali jothe jotheyali" from the annada Movie "Geetha".. Has anyone post it here ??
  7. nmuthya

    nmuthya New Member


    I was going thro' guitartabs and found you were looking for elliruve manava kaaduva.

    let me know if you didn't .. I have put the chords. I can share.
  8. sandeepsharman

    sandeepsharman New Member

    Dear Friends,

    I am looking for a lead guitarist & Bass Guitarist as well for my new building band, if u are interested plz contact me +91 9035222924.Even a Drummer also needed.

    If u have self penned song, u can post & I got an opportunity to make an album but i wanna launch it by a new band

    Details are:-

    Athreya Sandeep Sharman(Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
  9. adzz_rox

    adzz_rox New Member

  10. maduvce26

    maduvce26 New Member

    Kannada songs guitar tabs and chords

    search here MADGUITARS

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