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    Hi all Rabbi fans,

    Here are the chords for the famous "Jugni" song. The beauty of this song is its simplicity. Just two chords one of which is played all the time and the other to end each verse.

    THese are A and C.

    THe art is in how you play it.

    Main chord is A, play it like as shown below.

    The strumming is D d, i.e 1st full strum and second played and muted and then add two notes as shown:

    B--5--5--8--5-(lift the 4th finger from 8th fret)-

    practice this first before playing the song. Put your 1st finger on 5th fret (1st two strings), 2nd finger on 6th fret (3rd string) and 3rd finger on 7th fret (4th string). Use your 4th finger to play the 8th fret (2nd string) and strike 4th and 3rd string together to paly the notes afer the chord and then lift the 4ith finger for tha last note.

    Once you get this...song is easy.

    End each verse with the C chord (barre formation is preferred)

    So like this

    A (play the whole thing as shown above, to add flavor start with A open chord and slide to the above chord formation before the first verse starts)
    Jugni vekhan chali des
    Jithe janme se kade ved
    Jithon kadiya si angrez
    Ki baniya usda haal
    Kehrhe keetey os kamal
    Veer meriya jugni kehndi aa
    ....................................C (just plays here)
    Eh rah nave ajj paindi aa

    Feedback is welcome.

    Enjoy !
  2. ssslayer

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    not heard this one :(
  3. ak&guitar

    ak&guitar THE INNER VOICE

    r u dure man just 2 chords. well it sounds good. so nice work..can u also post other reabbi songs like ek geet and toteya ........i have bulla,tere bin and gill te guitar.
  4. vikas25

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    Really! Its the last song in album and only the second video released after bulla!.
  5. vikas25

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    The verses have only these two chords, Main is A with those notes added at the end. Will post other songs after I figure them out.

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    nice yaaaaaaaaar
    keep it up dood
    where r ya frm
    n r u a punjabi < as it seems so >
    nice work
    simran singh

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