JUDAI TAB (JANNAT) Kamran Ahmed Version - Complete

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  1. $lip$tream!

    $lip$tream! New Member

    MOST ACCURATE JUDAI TAB (JANNAT) Kamran Ahmed Version - Complete

    Here it is guys...as promised! The file is attached...have fun and rock on \m/ (><) \m/

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  2. $lip$tream!

    $lip$tream! New Member

    hmm...still no replies??!! strange...the tab is 100% accurate?!? :p
  3. 197193guitarist

    197193guitarist New Member

    dude, i suggest, u post a very short version, of it ike, only the guitar solo at the begining. its catchy.
  4. $lip$tream!

    $lip$tream! New Member

    Check the tab...it has everything in it - start to end...

    I've seen many posts of the short intro, or short chorus....but this tab has it all...dload it and check it out


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