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  1. suman_uav

    suman_uav Member

    I think all of u surely know this great song of bangla band "Sohor"..I found the chords here in IGT that is in E major scale....so I also figure the tabs in the same scale......here it is....pls comment.....and if u like it then pls leave some reps for me.....comment korte bhulbe na pls....:beer:

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  2. sdp

    sdp New Member

    darun hoeche!!!
  3. soumyasbh

    soumyasbh New Member

    It doesn't sound right. Tried playing on the guitar mode of my keyboard. There might be a possibility I am deciphering it the wrong way. Can someone please help me with that?
  4. jeit

    jeit New Member

    It's alright. Just play it in guitar. The tab is fine. Congrats to suman.

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