Jiya Re Guitar Cover (Instrumental) - Jab Tak Hai Jaan - A TRIBUTE TO SHRI YASH RAJ

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  1. takamin98

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    Hello friends, this is my humble attempt to play tribute to the late legend Shri Yash Chopra ji. YRF are always best known for their beautiful music, and here is another one. I have tried to play only first para of this song on Guitar, on the available Karaoke track which is not upto the mark, so please bear with me. There may be few flaws and I hope you all will excuse me for the same. Date of Release :
    13th Nov. 2012. Banner " YRF. Producer : Aditya Chopra. Director : Yash Chopra. Music : A. R. Rahman. For non commercial use only.

    Jiya Re Guitar Cover (Instrumental) - Jab Tak Hai Jaan - A TRIBUTE TO SHRI YASH CHOPRA JI. - YouTube
  2. mymusicmyguitar

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    Your guitar skills are really great..no doubt!!!

    But somehow i have always felt that sumone else posts the thread for the one who actually plays the guitar :p ...Whatever it may be...Thats a good way to market yourself..you are doing good on this part too :)

    Anyway good going..keep it up bro!!!

    Would really love to see some rock number being played by you!!!
  3. takamin98

    takamin98 Member

    Thx @mymusicmyguitar for ur kind words.
  4. SouthPark

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    REQ: Please also give the CHORDS for JIYA RE - JAB TAK HAI JAAN

    I enjoyed listening to the lead.

    Can you please give me EXACT chords used in this song. I found few here starting with B, but I had trouble playing Jiya re part with G#m, C#m.... It is not matching. Please give actual chords for it if you have. Thank you
  5. takamin98

    takamin98 Member

    Hello @SouthPark

    Thank you so much for listening to my leads. Appreciated. Reg. Chords for Jiya Re song i have jotted down them for u. here they are : B, Bm, D, A, F#m, E, G. You may still check it at your end. Thank you . Have a great day.

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