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  1. junoon

    junoon New Member

    Does anyone have tabs for any song from the movie Jism? I love all the songs on that album.
  2. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    Dont have it one me but i can look it up for u....:)
  3. alirana

    alirana Old Time Guitarist

    heres a jism song...

    Song : Awara pun
    Film : Jism
    Tabbed By : Ali Rana
    Comments : cagedinsanity@hotmail.com
    My Website : www.geocities.com/indianguitartab/DG4U

    Awara pan banjara pun


    ek khala hai seenay mai

    the rest two lines are the same.... dont remember the lyrics :p

    keep on repeating these...
  4. haf_89

    haf_89 New Member

    jaadoo hai nasha hai tabs ? any one?

  5. haf_89

    haf_89 New Member

    wese john abraham is really sexy! lol...acha guyz if u have the tabs for jaddo hai nasha hai plz post em here..

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