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    Learn to play guitar (Bass, rhythm & lead). beginner to advanced level.. acoustic/electric..

    All genres viz rock, metal, pop, blues, bollywood.
    Techniks viz flamenco, slap n pop groove (bass guitar), fingerpicking, scales and chord theory, improvisation, arpeggions, legato, soloing etc.

    Avail home tuitions with the benefit of flexible schedules and choice of frequency of class, fast paced learning.. If you miss a class, you can get that rescheduled..

    Develop a deep knowledge of chords, scales, modes and arpeggios and build an intuitive improvisational ability.

    The courses structured and designed enable an individual to play the Guitar with and learn and understand theory in the least time possible and as fast as possible.

    Jazzelinn Guitars calls all aspiring individuals who want to learn to play the Guitar as a Hobby, or Passion, or even as a Career, to join us and try our Efficient and Easy to Learn Guitar Courses.

    Our students vary in age groups from 7 Years of age to 58 Years, (although we haven’t put a cap on upper age limit)

    Clearly we are the No.1 Choice for learning the Guitar.

    If you haven't got a guitar.. u will get assistance in buying the best one for u..

    Ph: 9873793090
    Email: jazzelinn@gmail.com

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