JAMKE: Original Compositions - please listen & commment....

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  1. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    Hi All,

    Since the past months I have been creating my own original songs and have recorded a few of them from my collection.
    I am the composer, singer, songwriter and musician for all these songs. In some of the songs I have tried to add different vocalist in order to make the songs sound different.

    Please listen to my original compositions at the following website:

    Comments and feedback would be gladly appreciated :beer:

  2. RavinderKulsari

    RavinderKulsari New Member

    jam i m also in composing d song...gud to hear dat..jus need some finishin work in ishq beharam...bachpan sounds gud initially ..but gets repettitive...yaadein is goin gud...avoid repettitin d same line in beginin of song itself....

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