Jaadu Teri Nazar and Tujhe dekha to ye.. in Am Pentatonic

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    I am reposting my reply as a new post coz i feel hardly anyone would notice and miss it...

    Hey guyz... try practising on scales instead of a single string... u wont learn by opting easy method... actually by playing on a single string your losing the feel of this song...
    This song is on Am pentatonic scale.. which is a very famous scale(neele neele amber, tu hi meri shab is also on this scale)

    heres start for you guyz...


    other part with effect -
    (n) wait at that fret to create effect also diminish is u play 7 in diminishing way

    -|--------77777diminsh it----7-5--5------------5---5---------||

    I hope you guyz r smart enough to figure out later tabs.. but remember if u learn Am penta... job would be more easy...(u dnt have to mug the tab position )

    if you cannot figure out later part mess me.. i would do it post it
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