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  1. its not beacause of me or bacause of u
    its this because that we are for
    we have to be a cause of ..
    told me the little boy
    i show him a fingure and he holds it delightly
    we stall below the tree
    then he's busy i am too

    the sky is soo clear
    the leaves so young
    the soft grass is caressing my ears and thumb
    he loves lonley parks and i too but now
    there are too many things... i dont know...somehow
    from one hotel to next
    check in check out
    every where is home
    ever was one i doubt
    "...so what are u doing ?"
    i, i, just some profession and stuff
    "..is it quite easy or is it tough?"
    its like-all-are-doing..its like playing a bluff
    but its making me money its taking me up

    ".. so is it like poems is it like play?"
    ..no its like school-work like mama use to say
    "... so u have friends and teachers and ground?"
    ya we have callagues, bosses and clouns
    "..then it must be fun and glory and style?"
    not exactly but that might come for a while
    ".. why does it take soo much time of urs?"
    i give it so that u dont eat my head any more ..
    "...u sell a part of ur life, so u must be getting some in return
    it would be like friendship and people you earn,
    make a difference to some life and they to you hence forth??"
    its money..its time.. its ..its worth.. !!!
  2. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Wow...It just touched my heart and I won't analyse it out of sheer respect...Amazing.. don't know the words to describe this, loved every line, each word and can't make out a favorite... (wonder why nobody commented on this??!!) Reps, if I can..
  3. thanks ... even i liked it !!
  4. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    simply a wow..! and i fully agree with horsemouth..

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