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    Hey there,
    Registered a while back, my first posting here.
    Little'bout myself:
    - Play guitar, little bit of keybs and drums & flute, but not much.
    - Play in two groups, one Indian band and one non.
    - My interest is in Hindi Rock (isn't that cliche'd now?)
    - SaReGaMaPa rocks!!!
    - Indian Idol sux (and everything else, SVOI etc.)
    - Hate the stereotyped Indian music shows (please, don't restrict yourself to 4 pillars of Bollywood, Kishore/Lata/Asha/Rafi - venture beyond, that's the '++' part)
    - Movies: I do not miss the 80's : 'Kuttey, mein tera khoon pee jaoongaa', enjoying the lack of such dialogs in current movies. (strongly believe, we are witnessing one of the most creative phases of Bollywood)
    - Other interests include video editing, fine arts
    - And a Softwarist by profession
    - Live in California, US

    My blog: - started not too long ago, so not a whole lot. But posted some chords/tabs on my own.
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    Welcome. Bollywood # would have been more apt for this particular website.
  3. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    That did not need an explicit mention.

    Bollywood++ is enough.

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