Israel planning strike on Iranian nuclear plant

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    ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans for a combined air and ground attack on targets in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear programme.
    The inner cabinet of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, gave “initial authorisation” for an attack at a private meeting last month on his ranch in the Negev desert.

    Israeli forces have used a mock-up of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant in the desert to practise destroying it. Their tactics include raids by Israel’s elite Shaldag (Kingfisher) commando unit and airstrikes by F-15 jets from 69 Squadron, using bunker-busting bombs to penetrate underground facilities.

    The plans have been discussed with American officials who are said to have indicated provisionally that they would not stand in Israel’s way if all international efforts to halt Iranian nuclear projects failed.,,2089-1522978,00.html
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    Its funny how World Politics changes....around 20-25 years ago...they were the best of on verge of war. Its not the nukes, or the religion or the land problems.....people just look for reasons to fight.

    Iran i believe still has the highest no. of jews living outside Israel and Israel president is Iran born.
  3. jamhead

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    and yes i knew this some time back. go to google video and search "will israel bomb iran"
  4. shak

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    they probably will .. just for the fun of it .. depends how bored olmert is

    [EDIT] oh joy! usa is already practicing on somalia with its AC-130's ...

    "So many dead people were lying in the area. We do not know who is who, but the raid was a success," interim government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari. (BBC)

    brilliant! thats what i call a just military action, just kill a whole lot of humans and later chose the ones you meant to, then release a press statement saying we won! we won! take that humans!!

    rest can go down as collateral damage, who would care for dead black assed african civil niggers eh?
  5. jamhead

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    try saying that in harlem, ny.
  6. shsnawada

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    Iran has really taken it too far. It shouldnt escalate the situation, otherwise the free countries will take suitable actions.
  7. shsnawada

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    I think, these old retards are underestimating the role of the internet on the middle east conflict /tho
  8. shak

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    @shs: iranians are inferior to americans (refer back to your thread on americans) so they wouldnt understand whats going on ... really how simple can it be? america says dont make nukes .. so you dont! .. or else israel will get pissed off and they have bunker busters taking on rust since last 5 years (long time init?)

    @jam: umm yeah i will, and i think they will get the sarcasm better ...
  9. jamhead

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    the sad thing is that iran is now islamic.

    originally iran was zoroastrian and had no problems with jews. infact zoroastrianism has profoundly influenced post exilic judaism.

    we have zoroastrians/parsees living in india and they are among the most progressive of indians.

    its sad how a great country and people like iran has totally lost its roots and become not only muslim (despite the fact that iranians hate arabs and arab culture the way germans hate negros) but of late millitant as well.
  10. shsnawada

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    wtf? Honestly. How many times has ahmadinejad said that there iran has nothing against jews. Did you ever see any of his interviews/statements? Even some 13 year olds (european kids) understand that there's a difference between judaism and zionism.
  11. alpha1

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    You included?

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