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    Hey guyes do play this amazing song isi umar mein sing by mohit chauhan here the chords

    [F]Ho ho hooo Hoooo.. [Gm]HoOo.. [F]Ho ho hooo Hoooo..Ho Hoo..Hey..
    [F]Ho ho hooo Hoooo.. [Gm]HoOo.. , [F]Ho ho hooo Hoooo..Ho Hoo..Heyy..
    –{Bass Note—To be played with whistle }–
    [F]Bin chede hi , baje jhan jhanajhan[Gm]Dil mein sau [C7]guitar
    [F]Ude-Ude hosh khoya khoya dil Ab [C7]dikhte , ek ke [F]chaar
    [F]Peeka coffee nasha chadhe, Aur [C7]popcorn mare kick
    Aur [F]stupid si in batoon mein ,baba [C7]dil doondhe [F]logic
    Isi umar mein,isi umar[Gm]mein,
    Isi umar [Bb]mein,isi umar[C7]mein
    Isi umar[F]mein,isi umar[C7]mein,
    Isi umar [Bb]mein,isi umar[C7]mein, Isi umar[F]mein
    [F]Don’t stop yourself come on and reach out,
    Now this is your chance come on and reach out

    full song source from here the lead part of isi umar mein is also here :

    the guy done amazing work!!
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    gud song and gud try over chords...!keep it up..!

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