Is pal Mein hoon - Aaja Nachle

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    (Em)Is pal mein hoon, (D)Ya tum bhi hoo
    (G)Ya donoon (D)ho k bhi (C)naa hain

    (Em)Q hoo kya hoo, (D)Hoo bhi k naa hoo
    (G)Ya kehna, (D)sunna (C)mana hai

    Em n D for vocal solos

    Below This chord progression is used [ Em D C D ] for each line.
    Tumhe dekh k yaad aaye wohi bisri kahani
    Dewane ka qissa ya phir ik dewani

    donoon sang sang rehte har dam
    Aisaaa ye mein ne suna hai

    play with the song and u'll get... The rest is same!
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    so manny movements, my fingers are paining now...
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    thanks..i think this is the most underrated song from the movie..its actually the best song in the album :)

    Is Pal-Aaja Nachle Song [HD] W/Eng Subs - YouTube enjoy

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