Is it possible to learn guitar without an instructor?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by simplyosh, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. simplyosh

    simplyosh New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    Is it possible to learn guitar without an instructor? I can understand chords, tabs and can play them and most of the basic terms like sliding etc. I can strum a few patterns but not sure what should I learn while strumming.

    Also, I don't know how to tune guitar? How to hammer and pluck etc. Is there some way (videos+sound) that could help me in that? Reading the text is not helping me.

    Please help.
  2. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Refer to youtubes videos bro, you will find almost everything regarding guitar tunning, hammering...and methods for playing different songs.

    To learn strumming try to play as more songs you can, which involves different strumming patterns.
  3. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    ahem .. i think you actually mean fluency .. learning the guitar is hardly a matter of 1-2 hrs .. its the fluency that takes time .. so practice .. practice .. and practice .. not all day .. no .. 20-30 mins a day is sufficient

    the only benifit you can get from an instructor is .. (well .. i never had one .. but i think that this is the only difference it could have made) .. that he can tell you the common mistakes most people make and avoiding them .. and i feel that its like a mother tellin her child .. "go to sleep beta .. i'll do your home-work" .. making mistakes and learning from them is important

    plus .. listen to guitar gods .. (the teacher can't tell you anything he doesn't know) .. listen to what they play and how they do it .. cuz signature techniques won't be given in any book .. neither will it be with any instructor .. for example .. the inventor of guitarnever knew hat pinch harmonics were .. or that a whammy can be attached to a bridge .. or dive-bombing (Darrell Dimebag) .. or if it could be played with your teeth (Jimi Hendrix)

    in a nutshell .. practice (smart .. not hard) .. and keep your ears and eyes open when listening to great guitarist(s)

    wish ya years of happy guitaring
  4. simplyosh

    simplyosh New Member

    Thanks for encouragement

    Hi Kunal and MusicMan,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I am really working hard to learn the guitar. My finger tips are all burning with pain. But my desire to learn guitar is much beyond these little obstacles. I just wish my finger tips become hard soon. I bought a DVD but that turned out to be a waste of money.

    For now, I am using basic information I had along with the information from internet. I am finding Youtube little helpful. However I was looking for some organized lessons. I wish there were some place where I could get step by step instructions.

    Few of the tab tricks are still mystery to me. Might be because I am not good enough at guitar to really understand them. For example hammering and pull off on acoustic guitar even after watching some videos on youtube.

    Anyways I am not disheartened at all. I am sure soon I will learn all of them as long as I have so helpful people out there linked through indianguitartabs.

    Cheers to All.
  5. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

    I dont quite understand your comparison here!!
    The teacher doesn't play the guitar for of you. He gives you the guitar and teaches you how to play it.. you can learn it on your own watching others.. But there won't be anyone to correct your mistakes..

    for you simplyosh - I am not saying that a teacher is a must.. But if there is a guitar teacher nearby (a good one, not just any dick who knows a little about guitar).. then you should learn from him..
  6. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Is it possible to take a dump while standing up?
  7. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    i have learnt on my own.
    but yes, i wld have been slightly better at guitaring today, if i had a teacher.
    u learn quickly.
  8. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    is that so .. then why actually are we goin to a teacher in the first place .. there is hardly anything that you van LEARN in a guitar except the name of its parts !!

    the only reason i can think of goin to a teacher is avoiding mistakes .. which (in case you are seeking perfection) is not that good an idea for guitaring
  9. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member

    don't exhaust yourself ... 20-30 mins a day is enough .. for finger hardening what i used to do was to play the guitar right after bathing .. but i wouldn't recommend that to sumone who has just started .. maybe after 2-3 weeks.

    well .. alleast now you have the experience of a lifetime :rock:

    try searching for chord theory .. if you get it, read it .. try and understand it .. and you'll never have to ask anyone "how is this chord played"

    well .. once your fingers have adapted .. you'll be able to pull em off easily .. (actually these don't require hard finger .. but hard fingers only come after a certain level of fluency .. just to give you a chronological idea)

    way to go !!!

    cheers :beer:
  10. alaba

    alaba New Member

    Yeh Its Definately Possible I Did It Without Any Instructor ..If u genuinly HAve Intrest and Fire to Learn its possible there are loads of videos and trutes online ..go for them it bit tym taking job ..but its possible ..i can say that on basis of my expirience!
  11. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member


    a teacher is necessary if u wanna kno d guitar in detail, datz evrything we can make out of it.. looking at the notes and playing it s simple.. also we can chord or find strumming patterns for a song we like.. but datz not the world.. d world of guitar..

    dere are many things like chord shapes, d notes which we construct chords, if we kno dat we can easily move d chords arnd as play songs wid d same chords as we like..

    wat abt the scale, nobody is goin to learn dat if u r goin to study alon, u may know how to play it but never the use of it...

    dere are many more thngz on gitar.. dat'll never come free...
    i learnd guitar alone..
    but i had a teacher two months... 'n now also i can ask him doubts... without sm1 like dat, diz wold b much harder..

    playing is gud but knowin wat we are playing makes a difference...
    ask those who know dose thingz, the way dey play they enjoy it...

    to be like dat...
    anyway diz z smthin i felt..
    clear me if i'm wrong smwher k..

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