is it a beginner problem?

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    hi guys,
    for a long time i'v been thinking of getting my hands on a guitar..and somany yrs i'v only been thinking and cud'nt do anything to get started...recently i saw few of my frenz buy a guitar and they just learnt playin through the internet...and then i tot y dont i also try it out..AND HERE I AM....HOPE U GUYS WILL HELP ME OUT

    k my question is am a complete beginner...i'v been practising guitar for like around a week...and am quite familiar with the basic major able to read the tabs to sum extent... BUT THEN WHEN I TRY TO PLAY A SONG I FIND IT VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO SWITCH BETWEEN CHORDS...for eg. i can play C and Amin seperately but then am not able to switch between both simulataneously...
    is it jus a beginner problem?? and how can i improve my speed???
    plzzz help me out guys...
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    I guess one week is too short a time to expect huge results :) My two bits would be for you to get some amount of finger control first and then you will start seeing positive results. You could start off by playing some very basic stuff such as Do,Re,... (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma), .... It's also important for you to ensure that you are using the right fingers for the right frets ... a simple exercise would be to play open, 1st fret, 2nd fret and 3rd fret on each string (remember to use, 1st finger on first fret, 2nd finger on second fret ...)

    All the best,

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