Is certificate required??

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    Is certificate is required to prove that i am a guitarist? because i am not going for any class but learning from a guitarist who plays in orchestras. he is teaching me in his house. as the fees is low I am going to his house to learn. but my friend says"just leave that class and join any institute so that you will get certificate" but my aim is to learn to play guitar(it's already 1 and half years, i am going to his house to learn) and after he says "YOU HAVE LEARNT EVERYTHING" i want to join an orchestra like him. is this possible without a certificate? I mean... without his recommendation.
  2. Rakeshblade05

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    Hello Admin...
    you too couldn't answer???
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    It's talent which counts, and not certificates. What's the use of certificates if one can't play good music ?

    Learn from whoever you want, but learn good. True talent will show up irrespective of certificates or not.

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    Thankfully the field of performing arts is unlike regular clerical education.
    In performing arts - you have to perform. Other things take back seat.

    In the Clerical education performance can take a back seat but your certificates should be impeccable.
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    thank you admin, i was expecting replies like yours.
    And i will continue to learn from him no matter what...

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