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    could anyone PLZZ help me... somethings gone rong wid ma iPOD... i used it last nite and in the morn wen i turned it on... THE SCREEN WENT BLACK AND WHITE... and there was a TICK and it said "OK TO DISCONNECT" and "DISK MODE" wat am i supposed to do? i THINK it happened once but i connected it to the computer and it was back to normal... but THIS TIME IT DOES GET CHARGED IF I CONNECT IT but THE BLACK AND WHITE SCREEN AND THE TICK REMAINS... ma iPOD is NOT responding! tell me wat to do ASAP!

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    Hope this helps

    You've probably tried these solutions but still
    1)Restart iPod.(By toggling the hold button and then pressing & holding the menu and the centre button)
    2)Restore iPod to factory settings using the iPod updater.

    The second is more probable to work but you'll have to refill all the songs.
    My friend had a similar problem I guess.I'll ask him him what he did,you can try the above methods till then
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    ^ ey thx for the reply man... but before i saw it i found wat to do! *phewwwwwwwwww* ma ipod is back to normal... i had to reset it! :p lol...

    heres a link of wat is to be done if anyone else EVER needs it! :)


    @ mods... u guys can close this thread!
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    ^ which ipod you got?
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    Yeah,restart is generally the solution for most of the iPod's problems.
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    @ shak... nano 1 GB

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