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    Hi. I am a guitar teacher in Amerika and now that I have a few Indian-born students, and quite an appetite for Indian food (it's all I eat now), I want to learn more about the music people in India listen. I have no idea where to start! As for my own musical interests, I am classical (Western classical) trained but teach mostly rock and acoustic pop guitar. I like all kinds of music, from rock (classic and modern), jazz, blues, folk, classical, World ( Indian and Middle-Eastern, South American, African, etc.) I really enjoy Indian classical music, too.

    Hopefully you will get me started. I need some good websites that will introduce me to the music. I can order CDs here from a local Indian grocery store. Last week I bought Junoon's "Azadi" album. It's very nice. I've also listened to a few songs by Shaan. Though I will listen to anything, I really am more interested in bands that use guitars.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you post for me.
  2. distorted

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    Chk out
    U'll get most of the rock n metal by indian bands. Some r free downloads n purchase links fr others r provided. These genres r nt mainstream here in india, so these bands r nt very popular, but u'll lyk them if u listen to this music. Please give yr feedback.
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    hey hindirock/indi pop...dis is tooloose_Letrek......
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    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    da link is not working......
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    Hi. Is this the right site?

    If so, there appears to be a change in the url. Some words on that here:

    Thanks for responding. If I find material I can use, I will post TAB here. Besides exploring for my own enjoyment, I would like to find out what's hot in India, besides the weather and food. I want to get a collection of songs for teaching.

    I really like Junoon, which, to my amazement, I learned is a Pakistani band. A little more in the pop side of it, I found some nice Shaan and Lucky Ali songs I will transcribe.

    My musical interests are all over the map. I listen to everything from death metal to pop ballads, though for my own listening, I tend to lean to the darker side of things. Heh heh...
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    Sry fr the wrong link.
    The correct address is

    N as far as the popular music in india is concerned, it is more or less bollywood music. Thou a few pop/alternative bands like kailasa, raghu dixit project are popular. Lucky ali has given sum awesome music but its been quite long since his last release.
    Indian rock n metal is mostly underground. A few rock (/alt rock) bands like motherjane, pentagram, zero, themclones, n a few metals- demonic resurrection, bhayanak maut, scribe have managed a substantial niche following.
    pakistani hindi bands like junoon, call, strings, jal r very popular, way more den the indian rock acts which r mostly done in english.
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    I am new to this site and have been learning guitar for a month now. 12 classes to be precise.
    Aged 33 i am fulfilling my childhood passion
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    Thanks Distorted

    Distorted: Thanks for all the band names. I will track them ALL down. My interests are two-fold. First, to find learning material for my students who like Hindi-Rock, Indi-Pop. If I get some good stuff that hasn't been overtabbed, I'll post it here. And then, I'm always interested in music for myself. I really am all over the map with music, ranging from soft airy music, to 'in the pits of hell' death metal. Getting some bands to check out really helps.

    Thanks again.

    For my personal listening, I think I'd go for bands that incorporate home music. I love hearing tablas in a song. And of course, sitar and sarod. There's an American metal band called Nile that uses exotic scales quite a bit. Actually, quite a few of the darker metal bands use interesting scales other than pentatonic, natural minor, dorian mode, etc.

    At this moment, I'm checking out MotherJane. I could definitely listen to this band. The singer can actually sing. Sheesh...a lot of the death metal 'singers' growl. I really like Arch Enemy. Nothing like a cute lady growling at you with fire in her eyes!

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