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  1. demetron

    demetron New Member

    i am just start to learning and confused with tutorials can't understand which part is called intro,verse,lead,main lead and solo. any body please explain it?
  2. unet

    unet New Member

    The start of the song = intro

    Verse is the continuous rhythm that plays thru the song when the vocals are being sung. (The main vocals, not the chorus)

    Chorus is the main hook of a song. It's catchy, repetitive.

    Lead - the guitar playing along with the rhythm in the verses (generally some form of melody) is called the lead.

    The main lead i assume is the lead occuring during the chorus.

    A solo is when a guitarist wants to show his skills off. Incorporates (generally) various techniques like tapping, sweeping, tremolo picking, shredding etc.
  3. demetron

    demetron New Member

    thanks for reply.really helpful info.
    but still confused b/w verse and lead.
    is the "intro" & "regular intro" are same.

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