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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by lazylearner, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. lazylearner

    lazylearner New Member

    Hey all,

    Name's Tejas. I call meself a lazy learner coz I own a Keyboard (Yamaha PSR 630) for 10yrs and an F-cut Acoustic Guitar (Hobner A) for 13yrs now and am still a horrible musician due to a lack of practice and perseverance. Totally screwed my voice, thanks to my vices.

    Never learned music formally, but looking at so many resourceful websites around (IGT included) I think I can start making up for that loss. Just got meself a brand new Ariana AW-15 (acou) guitar. So not expecting a lethargy attack anytime soon.

    I also write/compose music and lyrics for my own sake. Nothing great, but just good enough to keep my creative juices flowing.

    Have co-founded this group called "Jamnasium - A place where musicians workout". Just some friends and I gather for Jamming every 2-3weeks or so at someone's home in New Delhi. So if you guys would like to join us someday then give me a shout, but don't expect to get invited right away.

    A creative consultant in the field of communications, advertising and marketing by day.
  2. lazylearner

    lazylearner New Member

    No takers? tch tch!
  3. dub

    dub New Member

    Where do you guys Jam? Also, what songs, genres, etc. would help.
  4. amanrockstaa

    amanrockstaa New Member

    Hey Buddy ...... ws up ?

    Where u guyz bang ur guitar strings ?? m a guitarist wants to join u guyz !!!! My nmbr is 9899630194 {Maddy} n m from Rohini Delhi !!! :)
  5. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    can u play keyboard or bass on keyboard..??
  6. summertime

    summertime New Member

    hi Tejas.
    Am an amateur female vocalist. Was lead singer in a college band, but dont have much formal music experience besides that. I am on the look out for exactly the kind of set-up that you describe in your post. An informal session, largely chilled out, where folks meet and try stuff, no pressure. I am based out of gurgaon, but travelling to delhi on weekends is not a prob. Day job (marketing manager for an fmcg co) makes weekdays tight, but weekends are mine. Let me know if you'd like to try out a perfect stanger.
  7. hector_nirvana

    hector_nirvana New Member


    Hi am also looking for some jam session can do on weekends too! i plat guitar usually rythm guitar. I have an acoustic guitar(a cheap one but sounds awesome), an electric guitar with the amp which can handle mic for vocals. i am mostly into western music but can do hindi but not bollowood type, like real music from say Strings. I also love old school rock and roll and 90's music. ping me if anyone intrested on my no
    or my email

    and keep playing.......
  8. hector_nirvana

    hector_nirvana New Member

    Hi if you are into music i said in the last post then i m in!!!!
    ping me on the contact detail i have provided!

    n by the way i m lazy too i have had guitar for 2 years and still i m not good at leads but i am a good rythm/riff player.
    and i have a basic setup required to jam (without drums :( )
  9. scientificshiv

    scientificshiv New Member

    hey dudes..........i play drums.........would you like to jam smtime ???
    also play guitar and bass and have good composing skills !
  10. hector_nirvana

    hector_nirvana New Member

    thts cool man!!!!!!!!

    what kind of music you are into?
    i am basically into punk/grunge/old school rock/blues stuff....
    i am not saying i know all of them but i like this kind of music and want to make it too.
    if you are into then lets make some music!!

    ping me on

    i live in delhi n u?

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