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    As part of my search for an axe.I found these sites quite useful. :cool:

    Probably will help
    1) If are searchin for "My first guitar" and that kind
    2) Check out the 'Indian Price' of ur dream equip
    3) Window shopping :)
    4) Get some stuff right till you door step , if u are too lazy to go next block sucky music store

    MusiciansMall - Great Site (AMAZING Ibanez collection incl the X series \m/!)

    OnStage Music Factory - Heard they have kickass on site shop

    Bajaao - The popular guy in the block,prob not the best prices.IMO.

    Raj Musicals - 1nce in and out. and

    Do add if you find any not in list ! :beer: :gather:
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