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  1. gypsysoul_19

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    Apart from Karuna strings, which other strings are good to use with Hobner, Signature guitars. Also My bridge has shifted totally out of place, how do I relocate it to its correct position?
  2. jayanth

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    Bridge relocation only after you put the first and last string (Atleast) Use GIVson strings . Although Ernie Ball is the best in the market. They are durable and inexpensive . costs about Rs 450/- but worth the duration.

    Pun on the new strings and then check where the bridge will fit neatly. So as to NOT produxce buzzes and other NOISE. But the distnce from the fretboard is just a guess. But you can get accuracy if you set the bridge height to a stndart first and the move it so as to get good action. That is to get a comfartable distance between the strings and the fretboard. So as to NOT produce Buzz and not hurt you fingers.

    If its too high that is if the distance between the strings and fretboad is high it hurts your finger. But if its too low, whne you play lower frets 1,2,3.. It produces a buzz. So adjust it accordingly.

    Make sure the strings are not too tight when doing all these else they'll snap. Kepp a low tuning and try all these. Or if you are not used to alternate tunings, do tune . Just make the strings a little tight and move the bridge.
  3. jayanth

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    Further questions can be posted in Guitar Gear Talk Forum.
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    You could use GIVson or even Fender strings, there are lots of imported strings available. The 50-bucks Karuna ones are NO good, unless you just plan to play for a week or so ;)

    Get something that's wothwhile. Ernie Ball is the best choice for durability.
  5. jayanth

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    Go For Ernie ball. Givson costs 120 bucks not worth. If lasts about 1/6rth the time Ernie Ball lasts and then Ernie Ball costs olny 450 Bucks. So go for it.
  6. wisevijay

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    what about Fender strings.:think:
  7. jayanth

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    Fender have ok sound. But they last for a month. THey are MADE FOR FENDER GUITARS ONLY.
  8. wisevijay

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  9. jayanth

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    He he . Its the same company strings and Guitar. Sometimes this combination works.
  10. probuddha

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    Whats the price range for Bass guitar strings and whats the best make available within medium range ??

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    Wrong Topic^^^^^^^^^^
  12. hindiRox

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    @ Pro Budhha : Good ones cost about 1000Rupees..

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