India the most optimistic nation

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    The stock market has jumped over 10,000, and India looks like the most optimistic country in the world. Indians have made a bigger leap of faith and remain at the top of the global list with a confidence index at 132 points - nine points ahead of the world's second' most optimistic nation, New Zealand.

    A majority of Indians are willing to purchase what they desire and invest in mutual funds and shares, way ahead of their Asian counterparts, as our global online consumer confidence shows. India is witnessing a retail boom with consumers (66 per cent) being excited in trying out new products and services.

    Apart from that, disposable income is making its way beyond the traditional savings behaviour to investments in the stock markets.
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    go go india ,go go indians hey hooooooooooooooooooo :rock::beer:

    edit sorry woh tumb up ka image galat pad gaya :mad:
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    lets c if they can convert the optimism into positive economic development

    mera bharat mahan
    (c) the wizzard
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    but how long we will be able to sustain it!!!!
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    :beer: :beer:

    ^^^Alwayz! :)
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    India is everywhere these days, here in UK its on the news how its developing rapidly and the Sen*** and everything. Feels so good that now ppl dnt ask you if elephants roam on the streets but instead they talk of how cool it must be to have so much diversity and they talk of bollywood and you rly feel that the world is opening up to India.
    People also know about it being an emergent knowledge economy with talent in many fields.
    No wonder its such an optimistic nation.
  7. aysh

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    yeah one can feel that the tide is turning for good .. God willing we'll emerge strong \m/,

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